What kind of gamemode maker should I make?

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    I've seen https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/popular-minecraft-gamemodes.285307/ and there's a lot of server gamemodes people like.

    I want to try to make a server where you can make stuff on a specific gamemode yourself easily. I would call it a maker.

    In these makers, I want to make a thing where you can make your own maps and custom items.

    What gamemode should I try to make as a maker?
    Like for example, one thing I have in mind is murder mystery.
    If I would make a maker with murder mystery, it would have:
    - (making) Make your own maps.
    - (making) Custom items and events (like click on a specific block and if you have enough something [like gold], something happens, if not, do something else. All this without coding)
    - (playing) custom time limit
    - (playing) sword item
    - (playing) modes like infection mode and double team mode on hypixel
    If you don't understand what I mean, I can elaborate more. Just ask below.

    I want to make one specific gamemode maker which that gamemode is popular.

    I might make a poll for the most popular ones listed because I want to make the best of the best gamemode maker.

    Revenact Post: https://revenact.io/threads/what-kind-of-gamemode-maker-should-i-make.1223/
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    Decided to do murder mystery.
  3. Something like Murder Mystery and things of that nature do already exist in various forms.

    What about something like, a flying/racing mode using Elytras ?
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    Too simple. I'm sticking to murder mystery (maker) for now
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    I'm talking about a simple maker, not a whole plugin people need to configure.