What kind of server host/VPS should I buy?

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  1. Hello,

    With Black Friday and cyber Monday occurring, I am looking to restart my Minecraft server. Everything is mostly coded by myself so the plugins are very minuscule. I'm hoping I can get about 20 people playing.

    What are my options? Not looking to spend anything more than $10-15 as these ventures either make it or break it.

    Thank you!
  2. I've used vpsnet.com before, pretty cheap prices
  3. You can try ovh. Good specs for only 9$.
  4. I would go with OVH.
  5. You could get a Cloud RAM server from OVH:
    Starting at $12 for 6 GB RAM, 1 vCore (from 2 Ghz) and a standard 25 GB disk.

    Or, for a better deal, a SSD VPS from OVH:
    $14 for 2 vCores (from 2 Ghz), 8 GB RAM and a 80 GB disk (SSD).

    If you care about DDoS protection, I would go for Google Cloud. OVH has quite bad mitigation (although there are things you can do to make it better, like TCPShield, although I've never tried it.), GCP offers a lot better protection against attacks, however their VM instances (VPS') start at around $16, which is more expensive than OVH. On top of that you also have to pay for network traffic per month (by the gigabyte, although this is extremely cheap) and the disk you have; they come with a 10 GB standard disk by default, although upgrading is pretty cheap (it's $4/month extra for a standard 100 GB disk, probably the same for a 50 GB SSD disk)

    They also allow more customization on what specs your VM has (in terms of CPU, RAM, disk etc; they even allow you to add a GPU if you need that)

    You can read more about GCP's VM instance pricing here:
    Note they charge by the hour for everything. This means if your VM instance is ever turned off you are NOT paying for it, whereas with providers like OVH you still pay for it even if it's off.

    They also have a pricing calculator tool, which makes price calculation a lot easier:

    For your case I'd recommend just getting a server from a Minecraft host or a VPS from OVH at most.