What Kind Of Server Should I Start.

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What kind of minecraft server should i start (Choose 3)

  1. Survival

  2. Factions

  3. Skywars

  4. Prison

  5. Modded (please comment what modpack)

  6. Skyblock

  7. Creative

  8. Survival Games

  9. Hunger Games

  10. KitPvP

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  1. Hello spigotmc community i am here to take a poll on what kind of server i should make, remember i'm starting from square one. so keep in mind that i am not going to want to run a hub server i want to host a single game-mode, what should it be?
    Thanks For Your Help, Also please leave a reason why i should start that kind of sever.
  2. You shouldn't.
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  3. It's not like everyone has those GameModes already. Unless you have a friend on YouTube with a lot of Subs or you have a whole lot of money, you'll fail horribly.
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  4. Why would that be?
    FYI: I have well over enough money, 1600$ to start a minecraft server for a single game mode. i have 2 builders and 2 developers, while i am a GFX artist and a WEB disigns
  5. $1600 that's advertising for 15 days, or two/three youtube promo videos.

    Without server costs and everything...
  6. Its not nice to discourage people XD. I find that spigot is full of creativity, and what they assume is that all these servers you are asking people which one to make, are "Boring and not original". Ive seen threads of people wanting to make a faction server, but don't know how to make it unique. Basically to sum it up, make whatever server you want, but get a dev or yourself to code cool custom unique plugins that alter the gameplay and will make your server standout.

    I myself am going to be releasing my renovated version of DrakonCraft network, getting bungeecord, releasing Factions, Creative, KitPvP, and Bending soon.
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  7. Or, A GFX shop, A WebDev Shop or a Plugin Dev Shop?
  8. Omg... Why you people think that you need a lot of money for advertising?

    I would hire a few of developers to make custom plugins (In my case I have lots of ideas) to make my server unique and diffrent from the others. And by this people would automatically advertise, calling their friends to join and play.

    Did this myself I know what i'm talking about.
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  9. What would be a good original idea, lets brainstorm :)
  10. I suggested an idea* already but Idk if I would be credited with the idea at all, im not good at coding plugins yet xP so this will be complex. If you want to hear my idea and have the money to make it i'd like to send it to you in PM.

    *Idea to do with factions*
  11. MineCove


    You should create the ideal server that you want to run, not what any of us suggest. You'll be much more motivated to follow through with it and in that motivation you'll be naturally inspired to come up with excellent ideas.

    Ask yourself this poll question, not us :)
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  12. omg one of my server ranks is Patron! Is this where i got the idea for it XD?!
  13. PM me too :D

    In my whole IT life I understood that an easy way to succeed without something original is to improve those old, banal ideas for example Mineplex network they remade survival games into a whole new game.
  14. One you are interested in otherwise you will lose motivation.
  15. I mean its not like you make it back or anything.
    You use all that money and a bunch of players join and they don't donate.

  16. Should i make a factions server that has like a city, and playershops and it has drugs, custom enchantments and kinda represents thug life. with guns (Crackshot) and My ip would be Thugsmc.com (already own it)
  17. Idk? Should you?
    Business is all about taking risks. We don't want to be the ones responsible for how they work out.
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  18. Exactly.

    Ask yourself what you would want in a server and make it that way.
    A little bit of advertising on the list sites for free and you are away.
    If others like your server they will bring more players.
  19. Idea: Get some people you know/trust and split the server bill/bills. I recommend getting a VPS or a dedi for around $30-$40 something thats got around 5-6GB ddr2 or ddr3 doesn't matter that much. Make a server that hasn't been done 1,000 times over and don't make it pay to win. Have daily events and maybe weekly ones as well. Survival servers seem to see more action then other servers from what I've seen.
    (Not counting minigame servers!)
  20. I like the concept of having 2 factions, who fight each other for dominance in a city. Reminds me alot of All Points Bulletin tho.