What lag is this?

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  1. My server is lagging and I don't see any sense because what appears in the massivelag monitor is the following:


    sorry my bad english
  2. Server Jar:
    What plugins are you running:
  3. Here is the sense to your lag: Tick Length: 2203 Milliseconds
    That equals 2.203 seconds.

    The server wants to run at 20 frames per second, so that means that if the server's Tick Length is more than 50 Milliseconds the server is having performance issues.

    The server does not even coming close to 50 Milliseconds. The server is at less than 1 frame every 2 seconds which means the server is operating at around 2% performance (you want it at 100%).

    I can't tell from the screen shot what is causing it, but seems like some of your plugins are not playing nice with each other, or something is wrong with the server build.
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  4. Apparently it was some plugins connecting to mysql, thanks for help.
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