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  1. Yeah, you should. It's a fundamental language that'll help you understand how the inner systems of a computer work. I wouldn't straight go to game dev with it though, if you want to do that then I'd suggest you to do some C# with Unity next. C++ is a nice language but there are a million ways to fuck up, so unless you're experienced I wouldn't suggest working on a game
  2. False. If you really want to get into the understanding of 'inner systems of a computer'(lol? I assume you mean work close to hardware) then you should learn C. Anyone who recommends learning C++ over C has no idea what he or she is talking about.
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  3. Wait what? C++ is low-level enough that you'll learn a lot about operating systems interact with the computer, how memory is managed and how variables are stored. Sure you could go down by another layer, by learning C, but shouldn't we just tell him to use assembly language, then?

    I'm not sure if you're Linus Torvalds or another hardcore C enthusiast, but you seem to have gotten a little triggered. Mind want to lower your voice a little, sleep a bit, and only then respond if you still feel the urge to.
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  5. I suggest Python or maybe Kotlin. Python is my single most used and favorite language just because it makes so many things unbelievably painless and simple. Definitely not the fastest but for what it's good for, that's okay. Python shouldn't be used for graphics or gamedev really, but it can be really nice for simple web dev, automation scripts, and more recently/popularly, Python is great for data science/analysis and machine learning due to the fact that you can write Python modules in C to make up for its speed.

    Kotlin on the other hand I started experimenting with a few days ago, and it has been amazing to work with. I have few complaints so far (and those which I do have i.e. lack of pattern matching have a good reason for not existing i.e. performance). It's honestly so much more pleasant to write than Java because of its lack of verbosity. The little things it fixes make it way nicer to develop with.

    Where you should go next really depends on your interests tbh. If you're looking for a new perspective on solving typical problems, try Ocaml as its a functional-first language with a really nice O'Reilly published book that you can read for free online. If you're trying to get into low-level development I would recommend C, and if you're interested in game development I would recommend C#/C++ because of their wide industry use.

    I may be wrong and/or biased in my opinion here, but I wouldn't learn Golang... it had the potential to be a well designed language but its lack of generics and use of nil just killed any hopes of Go becoming a modern tool. On the other hand, D-lang is a really nice language for systems development that tries to be abstract and modern.

    Rust is interesting, but know what you're walking into and why. If your expectations are in the wrong place you'll wonder why the borrow checker is giving you such a hard time when you're writing something that doesn't come close to the expected usecase for Rust.
  6. You should consider learning front-end and back-end web development, as it will become useful as you get into more business.
  7. Python for sure. It's easier than Java and has a growing community of developers who are willing to help.
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  8. In my opinion you learn python before Java, I also think it’s a little on the inefficient side as a language.
  9. I recommend lua as some popular games allow modding using lua such as gmod, factorio, and the binding of isaac.
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  10. Its funny how so many people are rating this post as funny or something similar while PHP is still a very important and powerful language used pretty much everywhere. I'm studying website, game and app development and PHP is one of the main languages we focus on besides all other languages. (No my school isn't just some retarded small one, they spend $1,000,000 on just one classroom filled with servers, camera equipment, 4K screens and much more for us to play with)
  11. Learn what you think is fun, that’s all that really matters. I’m not really good at game development byt I think you can do some really cool stuff in that department.
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  12. Op means programming languages
  13. I also recommend learning C or C++
  14. C++ really hard but you can everything with this language
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  15. I think that you should study c++ and try yourself in sports programming on such sites as codeforces.com. This will teach you how to optimize your codes, to find the best solutions to a particular problem, to think more logically. For object-oriented programming, in my opinion, the most suitable is java
  16. I think you want to learn skript or batch. both very usefull
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  17. Please please please tell me that you are kidding me, PLEASE FUCKING TELL ME
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  18. I suggest giving Swift a try. I find that the syntax is relatively easy to understand and iOS developers are in high demand.

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