What machine to use with 2k players? DDoS Protection?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a very big YouTuber partnering with server and it looks like we will close a deal early May. In spite of this, we have come up with a plan to open four new realms which each will be capped at 400 players. After doing some shopping, I found a machine at OVH which seemed like it can handle the load of at least 500 players. How many players do you think the machine can withstand? Do you think this is a suitable machine for our network? Here is the machine specifications:

    Intel i7-7700K
    4c/8t - 4.2 GHz/4.5 GHz
    64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    SoftRaid 2x450GB

    I am also concerned regarding DDoS protection. I see that OVH already offers a "special" DDoS protection designed for game servers, but I am optimistic if it can handle some of the attacks we can potentially get hit by. Do you recommend staying with OVH or moving to a more reputable DDoS company such as ProxyPipe?

    Thank you very much for your advice and help in advance. Best Regards,

    EDIT #1:
    I just did some more searching and found some other company's that offer dedicated servers. LiquidWeb offers managed dedicated servers, and I found this machine:
    • Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4
    • 16 Cores @ 2.1 Ghz
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 4 x 250 GB SSD Primary Drive
    • 1 TB SATA Backup Drive
    • 10 TB Bandwidth
    Any thoughts on this? I see good things about their company & DDoS protection, just VERY pricey! ($529 a month? Worth it?)
  2. Since it looks like you're going to be running single, large instances, I recommend using the first machine. For DDoS protection, going with something like proxy pipe would be your best bet rather than using OVH's shared network.
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  3. The first machine is much, much better for what you need. 16 cores is overkill for 4 servers and 2.1ghz is not good. Definitely go for the first server as you'll get much better performance for a much lower price, for ddos protection, no clue. You may need to use something like reliablesite which will have what you need and can provide ddos protection.
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  4. What server do you own ?
  5. Thank you very much for your advice, it really helps.

    Beat regards,