What made you join spigot?

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Are you still part of bukkit?

  1. Yes, i rarely go on the spigot forums at all

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  2. I am active on both the bukkit and the spigot forums

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  3. I did not like bukkit, i have left and have now joined spigot :)

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  1. joehot200


    I was wondering what made everyone leave bukkit and join spigot. I mean, bukkit has people and it certainly has more people, with some who are willing to help.

    I also wondered how many of you are still part of bukkit, which is why i posted the poll.
  2. joehot200


    (so, left start off)
    I never really "left" bukkit. I used craftbukkit++, and was then forced to move to spigot (glitchy at the time) as afforess stopped maintaining it.
    I liked the spigot community so much that i have never really had time for bukkit, and i rarely even visit bukkit once a month any more.
  3. I joined because of word of mouth. I heard it was better than bukkit and I then tried it and loved it.
  4. libraryaddict


    Bukkit took down my HG plugin, being weird about it.
    Still think MCPVP had a giant hand in it.

    I got sick of them and their slow update times and just boycotted them.
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  5. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    A misclick then noticing the community was smaller, smarter and friendlier.

    Server software is an amazing improvement over bukkit as well of course.
  6. I needed something better than CraftBukkit. That's where Spigot came in, you guys are all fun and know what you are talking about. Not many "Halp My PorFoward Noww!!!" So I stayed here. I am on bukkit to, but I like spigot better.
  7. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I always went for development builds over stable, and when I saw CB++ in Spout forums I had to get it then ended up here in Spigot. :)

    Also he bribed me with cake.
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  8. joehot200


    Nice answers, everyone :)
    Have some cake!
  9. I was making a ticket for essentials and it asked what version of craftbukkit or spigot you were using. I wondered what spigot was and searched it up, and found this
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  10. joehot200


    So really what i am seeing here is that: people did not like bukkit, and they found spigot, and liked the community more. :D
  11. been following it for some time. Played with it when it was still CB++.
  12. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I just noticed I am member #69. :cool:
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  13. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    I left Bukkit because of their slow approval times and just the fact that it was too big... always loved Spigot and when they got their own website I was so excited! Seriously the Spigot website is amazing... people are friendly and it's a smaller more close-knit community. I like that.

    When Bungee left BukkitDev and I couldn't find it any more, I almost panicked. Luckily I heard about this site shortly after :p
  14. Ash


    You sir are a master of life.
  15. I joined, because I love performance! :3 Also, I don't like bukkit very much, because of their "we don't give a shit if you're using something else than bukkit"-policy. All those locked threads just because someone was using Spigot or CraftBukkit++ made me leave.
  16. Outlaw11A


    Was using CraftBukkit for a while. Then I noticed servers started using a "Cloud" server setup. Did some investigating, stumbled upon BungeeCord, which then lead to Spigot. I now run Spigot on all my servers, and I couldn't be happier. CraftBukkit didn't seem to give me any satisfaction. Running Spigot made me feel like I was running a highly optimised ship and was a Boss :D Bukkit just seemed to be trying to monopolise everything, it is great being with the underdog.
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  17. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Used to use CraftBukkit++ for a while from Afforsee, then switched to Spigot, and then watched Spigot grow from there :)
  18. Exactly the same way i found out about spigot, but i researched a little earlier and found it when Bungee was barely in alpha and was called RubberBand. I think i still have the very first build of RubberBand on my hdd somewhere..
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  19. This.

    I basically got frustrated with CraftBukkit's inability to efficiently handle larger numbers of players. I'm sure I was doing things wrong, but I went googling and found CB++. Big fan of that, and then when I saw it moved to spigot I followed it along.
  20. vemacs


    CraftBukkit++ user. Joined here, because why not.