What mouse do you use

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  1. What mouse do y’all use

    Personally i use a Razer Deathadder Essential

    I’d be surprised if you game with a office mouse and your not bad
  2. Strahan


    We just had one of these earlier in the year.

    I seriously doubt most casual gamers would see much impact on their gaming with a gaming mouse vs non gaming mouse. Probably more placebo effect than anything else.
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  3. Somehow it’s like very hard for me to find threads with the exact title, maybe because i search them on the search bar and not google or something idk
  4. Logitech M325 on the desktop
    Logitech M535 (Bluetooth) on the laptop

    The scroll wheel on one mouse started acting flakey, and I thought I would have to buy a new one. But then I blew air in the gap next to the wheel, and a big clump of cat hair came out. The mouse has been working fine since then.
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  5. G903 for Gaming & MX Master for Productivity.

    I used to believe that any mouse can be used for gaming, but it's the opposite. Gaming mice can be used for anything, but productivity mice aren't the best for gaming. How do I know? I tried gaming on MX Master for a while before switching and saw a huge difference.
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  6. My mouse is a Roccat Kova and my keyboard is from Meetion
  7. logitech mx master, white

    i like it, it's okay. im not much of a gamer, i dont need rgb or whatever
  8. I use a razer taipan
  9. Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet.. Logitech G502 :)
  10. Steelseries Rival 100 and Rival 300. Rival 300 is dirty af, but still works after 4 years
  11. Logitech G300s. Basically the cheapest Logitech gaming mouse there currently is. It's still good enough for me tho, I don't game too much and tbh I just got it for the macros.
  12. Logitech G402 for some casual gaming and my sysadmin work, nothing too hardcore. Great variety of programmable buttons at an affordable price. Absolutely crap for butterfly clicking though, be warned.
  13. Ozone Neon M50. I don't really need a gaming mouse, I just happened to get it on a good bargain and it really fits my hand well.
  14. I don't care that much about PC gear I use a Xtrike Me mouse, nothing special just a mouse with LED lights.
  15. On that filthy little Razer DeathAdder Chroma, very nice feel, glides nice. DPI alternation on the go (for the crazy madmen out there).
  16. I use a Finalmouse Ultralight 2, It's super light and really nice although glorious has similar offerings I would suggest.
  17. Razer Naga Trinity has done me well for about 2 years
  18. Apple Magic Mouse 2