What old plugins do you wish were updated?

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  1. Are there any old CraftBukkit/Spigot plugins that you wish would be updated for newer versions?

    Share ’em here! :coffee:
  2. GroupManager ;)
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  3. I’ve yet to have luck with those, probably going to switch to Async Worldedit
  4. I can vouch for AsyncWorldEdit. It’s a fantastic plugin. I do miss VoxelSniper, though. :coffee:
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  5. ScoreboardStats. Still can't find good replacement for menu itself - every plugin uses scores just for line order, so menu getting bigger. But actually it still works on 1.15.2...
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  6. PermissionsEx, of course Pex<LP but still so many users use it and it's honestly still a decent plugin but i miss pex :mad:
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  7. Actually PeX is alive, you know. The thing is that you can't really just download it - their build server seem not to work, but you can build it by yourself.

    upd: build server is up
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  8. PermissionsEx used to be the GOAT, but nowadays, I don’t know why anyone would want to use it over LuckPerms. :coffee:
  9. ---

    The most up to date version of VoxelSniper I've seen is called VoxelSniper Flattened

    You can only find this version on GitHub
    as it doesn't seem to appear on any Minecraft related forums such as Spigot. There are a few versions available, you most likely need the one the allows for older versions of Java given that most people are probably not running the latest release of Java.

    Heres the GitHub link:
    This works with the latest Spigot and Paper versions

    Here is a link to the "Backward" version that should work for any Java Version >= 8:

    And if you are running the most current version of Java then you can use the "non-backward" version:

    It's not apparent if there are any differences between the two versions, but I have it under good authority that the backward version runs exactly as the original did. I believe they are using the same code base.


    This is from a post I made a few days ago on this thread:
  10. In all fairness, like you I have seem this exact thread PLENTY of times, each time its a fairly new, inexperienced dev, when options are thrown their way, they respond with "That sounds too hard, I need easy stuff".
    I tend to ignore these threads because it seems more like spam than people actually looking for things to do.
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  11. I hear Multiverse-Core is basically a dead plugin with no devs, and used by so many. Instead of picking up dead shit from 1.8 days, maybe jump on plugins that are still being used and could use developers to contribute to the project to keep things current.

    Java 11 and higher are going to be a thing, and spigot 1.15.2 and 1.16.0 are (going to be) a thing.

    Just an example, there's so many plugins that are active, screaming for new devs and contributions. Why not jump on that ship
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  12. MiniDigger


    there are other nbt editing plugins and like, even vanilla has nbt commands.
    I really like powernbt for example.
  13. IntellectualSites


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  14. It hasn’t been updated in 5 months, but it still works. Do you have any better alternatives? :coffee:
  15. MiniDigger



    multiverse is extremely bloated and most servers need can be implemented using that simple method call.
  16. And yet, I don't see a plugin that's made for 1.15.2 that's doing what we want from mv-c without compromising.
    anything i've seen since is dead in the water as well.
  17. Benz56

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  18. Was not aware it was updated to 1.15. I remember using this plugin a while back and it only supported 1.12.2. My bad. Deleted my response, thanks for letting me know.
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