What option is best for beginning a 50 players Minecraft Server ? Host or VPS ?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by NexyosMC, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Hello guys i will be short: i need to host my brand new server but i dunno what is best between a VPS and a Host like Apex Hosting.

    My needs:
    - 50 players slots capacity without lags
    - 100 euros per month Maximum
    - A personnal IP
    - A Web Interface for the Server Configuration if possible
    - The server located in France, because i make it for french users

    Well, waiting for your best answers guys !
  2. If you're running a single MC server, go for shared hosting. +1 for ExtraVM if you go for that option
  3. Sorry but it isn't located in France, useless in this case...
  4. Depends on the server requirements

    For around 100€/mo you can get a dedicated 64gb game server from OVH, which is enough to host a big network (200+ players)
  5. OVH sucks from what i saw xD look at the clients replies... 90% said it's bad :/