What OS Do You Guys Use?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by turtl, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Windows ME
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  2. lol no r u dum???

    microsoft bob is the best
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  3. bob gateway 2000 edition FTW!
    to install just have your computer get struck by lightning while flashing the bios.
  4. I tri-boot with Windows 10, Ubuntu 16, and El Captain (Hackintosh).
  5. Hackintosh
  6. Dual boot with windows 10 and ubuntu 15, switching to arch soon
  7. Fabulous:p
  8. :p I use win10 as main and sometimes i use the program VirtualBox if i need to test something on another OS
  9. dang :(
  10. Windows 10 - Main PC
    Windows 7 - Laptop
    Ubuntu 15.10 - VPS for minecraft, web server, file server, irc bouncer, jenkins,
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  11. why dang? :eek:
  12. Ubuntu on your own network/home or hosted/paid?
  13. idek
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  14. Windows xp was the last good version of Windwos
  15. Windows XP was pretty :(
  16. Agreed. Althrough Windows 7 is still good, is not comparable with Windows XP.

    Windows XP was simple, fast, and... good.

    If you compare it on 2016, yeah. But if you got it in the 2000's, it was the master OS.