What OS Do You Guys Use?

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  1. Lol so you'd rather use Internet Explorer over a completely recoded browser by Microsoft?
    Chrome is also an option you know.

    And I've NEVER had an issue with updates kicking in mid-work, as I've told Windows to only reboot when I'm not working. https://i.codeco.tk/gicIhshs.png Here's an image to help you use a dumbed down Control Panel named Settings. It's for people like you.
  2. ? Lol

    I use chrome, but when an operating system like windows is supposed to be a big part of the market, gives you a shitty browser by default, which is worse than internet explorer imo, then something is not right. Also the fact is that updates should never need to reboot while you're working, that should be given as default, who would actually opt to have their work messed around with for restarts? That makes no sense to have it as an option, let alone enabled by default. And frankly, if something isn't broken don't try to fix it, which is why I'll stick with win 7 until there's huge flaws that won't be fixed due to it no longer being supporte.
  3. arch with i3wm
    here's an old screenshot. I don't use a terminal music player anymore, nor do i use the visualizer... nor do I keep vim transparent, nor do I use omzsh anymore.... yeah this is a pretty dated screenshot, time for a new one
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  4. I use Windows 10 on all my everyday devices, and all servers either run Debian but most likely Ubuntu.

    Everyone has always said that Windows loves to kick people off when it needs to do updates or force ads in faces.

    The only ads I have ever had is, "Why don't you try Edge, it's cool" and that had a do not display again option, and the second is, "How likely are you to recommend windows 10...". Both of those are pretty tame compared to what some people say.
  5. I use Windows 10 Pro as I got the free Windows 10 upgrade
  6. Windows 7, Windows 10 got a little laggy. Using Numix for Windows though, which makes it look amazing :)
  7. Tux


    I've been using macOS since about July 2016, and have used it full time since February 2017 because my laptop died on me. (In fact, I just bought a iMac a few weeks ago.)

    I'm doing mostly web development work, and Apple has been improving the experience for users like me (though I'll swear by Homebrew).

    I still exclusively use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my own personal servers, however.
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  8. Windows 7 because I'm afraid of change and have a huge portfolio of .NET applications I've written that make it hard for me to switch. Might have to switch to windows 10 eventually though. The integrated linux support is tempting. The home screen and ugly start menu 'apps' with their tracking is what is keeping me out at the moment. I have my own self-written program manager overlay that I much prefer over the crappy fullscreen blocking menu with huge tiles.

    Though I much prefer working in a unix environment when programming, which I do at work.
  9. Honestly windows is simple enough for me and nice enough other than all the malware...
  10. Malware only comes for you if you postpone updates for your webbrowser and other software. With the advent of HTTPS most malware is stopped, because they can no longer hijack connections. If you're behind a NAT router, it becomes even harder. And if you still open .exe's sent to you by mail, I don't know what to tell you. If you torrent software though, I have bad news for you...

    You're paying in other ways.

    I only ever got viruses by installing questionable software. But since I don't really play vidya anymore, and only download open source software tools, I havent had a malware alert in years. Since the business model for cracking games is mostly to include botnet software which they rent out, you almost cannot avoid it when you pirate stuff.
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  11. Windows 10 for my PC and Ubuntu server on my server.
  12. PC1: Windows 10 Pro
    PC2: Windows 10 Home
    Laptop: Windows 10 Pro
  13. Windows 10 pro activated with kms activator
  14. Windows 10 on my PC, Debian 9 on my laptop.

    I mostly use Ubuntu 16.04 for my servers, however I have one home server running Windows 10 (I needed iTunes support) and one running Debian Wheezy (very old rig, I barely use it now).
  15. I use Windows 10
  16. My Server: Debian 8
    My Computer: Windows 7
    My Laptop: OS X Sierra
    My Phone: iOS 11.0.3
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  17. Used to have a laptop with Windows 8.1 and dual booted for Ubuntu (don't remember version). I ended up resetting and updating it so it's just Windows 10. Windows 8.1 is pretty good in my opinion once you get used to it. Still getting used to Windows 10 but I like it overall.
  18. Mac cause i broke my laptop but hope to buy a comp for cyb monday tom and them if i do ill be on windows 10
  19. I switched recently:

    School laptop: windows
    Main pc: windows (dual booted with arch for development)
    servers: ubuntu server
    home automation server: debian

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