What paid anticheat should i use

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by misterprankster, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Tesla or aac it has to be USD Not gbp or others
  2. Look at the thousands of other threads that exist and don't make another one. Kid, just google.
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  3. It is very simple from like @BrettplayMC stated.

    There is a thread explaining most anti-cheats about the pros & cons so you know what would be the best or not the best to use.
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  4. Well it would be important to know on what MC version you are planing to run one of those plugins, I recommend to check out this wiki page:
    There are also a lot of threads on the SpigotMC forums which discuss on that topic but most seem outdated so I will not post them here.
    I would say self research is the best thing you could do.

    Can I have that link please? I have used Google and the Spigot search for 10 minutes now but I cannot find such thread that lists pro and cons.

    I think that it is a justified question. While a lot of such comparison threads exist, they get outdated quite quickly. Simply because new anti cheating plugins get developed, some get abounded, and others get totally rewritten/fixed, etc.
    So for that reason it is okay to re-ask a already asked question when the answer will be a different one.

    You also just broke the first rule of the Spigot rules: "Keep forum threads and posts respectful and appropriate."
    Calling someone kid is disrespectful, no matter what the user has done (or in this case not done). it gives you no right to insult him/her.
    I am pretty sure @misterprankster came here to find a answer, not to be insulted.
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  6. I hAve pac which is free i have money but i want to know the best one
  7. Ehm, what?

    Check this thread out: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/the-best-anticheat.177180/

    Like @BrettplayMC says, there are so many of these threads. They get created almost daily. Simply Googling your question will result in houndreds of people that have asked the same question before you.
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  8. NCP is the best :)
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  9. We are the one who is supposed to me reporting you, don't use Caps Lock. I don't see anyone disrespecting you here, we are just saying that you should try Google and the Wiki first instead of making a thread.

    Personally, I think AAC and AAC+Pro and Celeb's config is the best. And what's wrong with GBP? The seller pays the fee (I think...)

    He said paid.
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  10. Yes but today is the best Anticheat NPC what free is. Sad but true.
    Although Spartan is not bad either.
  11. i cant pay gbp i am american and im banned form paymentwall for nothing
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  12. I am sorry that you feel that way but screaming out your anger will not solve the problem. Try to be calm and as clear as possible even if English might not be your first language (sorry if i interpreted it wrong).

    Offtopic: Calling some kid isn't really nice is it?
  13. Ahem... SpigotMC only accepts PayPal anyways...
    Well, it can be nice and rude.
  14. Yeah but clearly used as insult here, should not even need to discuss that.
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  15. Gaxan


    Just curious. Why is your grammar so bad? Your profile says you are 30.
    You need to use PayPal to purchase premium resources. PayPal will do the currency transfer for you.
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  16. Are you supprised that 80% of this forums has a fake birth date?
  17. Gaxan


    Not at all. I was just pointing it out to possibly validate he may actually be a kid.
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  18. I think you meant NCP :p
    NCP has a lot of false positives, and since it is public, some hackers can decompile it and easily make their client bypass it.
  19. I am 100% sure he is a kid, no question about it :p

    It's open source, they don't even have to decompile it. NCP has a configuration though, changing things here and there might improve things.

    Check out my statement here about the Anti Cheat vs Cheat issue: Battle of anti cheats (All Networks)