What Plugin do you need?

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Which Plugin do YOU want?

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  1. MAltis

  2. SteelEconomy

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  1. Hello Spigot-Community,
    i want to know which plugins you would need.
    The Plugin might cost something, the idea giver will get it for free or the complete plugin will be for free.
    I will add every idea given to the poll.
    Please write basic Informations about the plugin.

    Altis Life in Minecraft, finest RPG mode for a server. [PAID]
    Reallife Economy system with ALL Economy things, taxes, stocks,... [PAID|FREE]

    Items as fuel. (free)

    Bentipa :)
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  2. Please vote in the poll :)
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  4. xD Post own ideas or do nothing :D
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    Im just messin with ya :D
  6. I need a new version of Essentials that's compatible with Minecraft 1.0
    Don't ask why, Just do it.
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  7. Keep dreaming xD
  8. I'm not dreaming.
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  9. A plugin that would support items being added as fuels, so you can customize the burn times and etc. No one has yet to make one for 1.8 that works.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. What ?:D
  12. Just kidding
  13. hahahaha funny :D :D :D so