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  1. Hey,
    On Servers when you do /who or /list there's a player list but i was wondering!
    is there a plugin so there can be

    Players Online :
    Donators Online
    Staff Online :

    Kinda like that
  2. Essentials, sort by group
  3. Whoson, LegendaryStaffList, Essentials, Ext.
  4. Skript tho
    Code (Text):

    command /list:
     aliases: /who, /whoisonline, /online,
      loop all players:
       add 1 to {_c}
       if loop-player has permission "staff":
        add loop-player to {_staff::*}
       else if loop-player has permission "donor":
        add loop-player to {_donors::*}:
        add loop-player to {_players::*}:
      message "&aTotal online: &6%{_c}%&8/60"
      message "&aStaff online: &6%{_staff::*}% &8(%size of {_staff::*}%"
      message "&aDonators online: &6%{_donors::*}% &8(%size of {_donors::*}%)"
      message "&aNormal players: &6{_players::*}% &8(%size of {_players::*}%)"
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  5. That is a feature of Essentials. You can find it in the Essentials Config.yml .


    # Sort output of /list command by groups.
    # You can hide and merge the groups displayed in /list by defining the desired behaviour here.
    # Detailed instructions and examples can be found on the wiki: http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/List
        # To merge groups, list the groups you wish to merge
       #Staff: owner admin moderator
       #Admins: owner admin
       # To limit groups, set a max user limit
       #builder: 20
       # To hide groups, set the group as hidden
       #default: hidden
       # Uncomment the line below to simply list all players with no grouping
       #Players: '*'
  6. Essentials, you can change it in the config
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