Solved What plugin is this?

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  1. What plugin is used to create that GUI on the right hand side of the screenshot?

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  2. You can always use featherboard or scoreboard stats but CTSNC provides everything needed.
  3. CTSNC isn't working for me for some reason - I've put the .jar in my plugins folder and restarted my server but it's not making a folder/config file. How would I go about using featherboard or scoreboard?
  4. Did you install tta? Also, the thing you want is not a gui. It's called a scoreboard. Keep in mind featherboard is a premium plugin.
  5. What's tta?
  6. TTA is a small, but very useful API for things like titles, actionbars and more... (I copied this from the thread)
    Also if you want to use featherboard, it's a premium plugin.
    If you can't afford it, InfoBoardReborn is quite a good replacement
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  7. Okay, thanks for your help.
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  8. Maybe if you actually read the plugin page you'd know that ctsnc requires tta.
  9. Calm down babe x