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  1. Hey, Im Currently Creating A 1.8 Op Prison Server. I Do Not Want To Use The Essentials Warp And Theres This Server And If You Do /warp It Comes Up With A Warp Menu.
    [All Items Are Warps]

    If you know what this plugin is please tell me or if you found one simular.
  2. you can set up thing like this using ChestCommand?
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  3. You could code your own plugin that does this function, or just get a Developer to code one for you.
  4. Did you mean that you want to hire an dev in the Service and recruiting section and then hiring developers to create an plugin that allows to create an gui for your warps?
  5. Yeah, basically.
  6. but its smarter to use essentials warp but create an gui for the warps that will cost you maybe less (i think)
  7. Some Owner's don't know how to code.
  8. i am an owner but i have an small knowledge of bukkit coding
  9. Good for you then. Not everyone has knowledge of coding..
  10. if you want i can code an small plugin for you :)
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  11. I don't need plugins haha, this isn't my thread eitherway :p
  12. You can use Essentials with ChestCommands for setup GUI.
  13. or you could use EssentialsWarpMenu
  14. I could make one for u.. but can't :( too busy and lazy.. if I have time I could..
  15. I would use ChestCommands, never knew about EssentialsWarpMenu tho.
  16. Omfg is a blackfatrat hey budddddy, didn't know you posted on spigot
  17. In my network use chestcommands and I am very well
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  18. Ermagerd its bear53. Didnt know you did either :3
  19. yeaaaaaaa I post my public plugins on here