What plugin is this?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by KriticalMC, May 10, 2015.

  1. Seems like something custom.
  2. how does it act?

    loops through all cows in a chunk, kills all but one cow, stores the number of cows, allows a player to kill that one cow, and when he does, the drop equivalent of how ever many cows drop?
  3. Is this only done for passive mobs? or all mobs? I could see this being REALLY beneficial for servers that find a lot of mob grinders

    Secondly, if you DO apply this to aggressive mobs as well, how do you handle the loot pools?
  4. The plugin is custom and works as said below.

    Mobs within a 10x10 radius of the mob itself or the player are stacked if there is more than 5 within that 10 block radius. The mobs are stacked and above is a nametag which displays how many there is currently stacked. The max stacking limit is 100, if a mob tries to stack onto that and it's at 100 the mob will then be removed along with any other mobs trying to-do so.

    When killing a mob the number goes down from say x65 to x64, droping the normal loot and XP a mob would, even with looting etc.

    The main idea of this is to reduce lag on the server and on another side of things FPS lag.
  5. This is really helpful, as it will really, really reduce lag.

    At factions for example, people have grinders.
    I would love to see the difference between of the lag with, and without the plugin.