What "Plugin" should I make?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm here posting a thread to get your choice (ask you guys) what plugin should I make (code)? I got no idea to make, so I need your help.

    I'm a Developer (Not that really good, still learning).

    Plugin Name:
    Plugin Description:

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  2. BananaPuncher714


    Name: Money4Me
    Description: Gives me(BananaPuncher714) money:D

    No, really. There's plenty of other posts just like this and it seems sort of pointless to make your own thread about that sort of stuff. If you want some suggestions, you can look on the Bukkit Plugin Requests page. Otherwise, if they're too boring or you're too lazy to look there, tell use more about exactly what kinds of stuff you are able to do, like MySQL, flatfile saving, custom AI, and other stuff like that.
  3. A plugin that outputs plugin ideas!
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  4. Plugin name: YourAwesomeShopPlugin

    Description: An all GUI shop plugin that allows users to create their own shops. In their shops they can post sell AND buy offers for other players to use. There should also be a menu for browsing an index of all items players are currently buying/selling, as well as a menu to view all players with shops. Make it SQL based to support multiple servers. Players can obtain shops of different sizes by renting them for a specified duration.

    You can also add an Admin Shop (still GUI based) that dynamically adds stock and adjusts prices based on what players are currently buying and selling in their own shops. That might be a bit advanced for you though.

    Everything should be accessible with a single command: /shop.

    Have fun. If you need help let me know, I've already done something similar when I was bored one weekend (Never made it public).
  5. Would you be interested in making a private plugin for my server?
  6. Pm me