What plugin?

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  1. Looking for a plugin that supports npc by right - clicking and a customiseable msg either sends to a player about information about the server

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Sorry, I think I wasn't clear enough.
    I'm looking for a plugin that allows you to give customisable msg's to a player which could be information about the server, ranks , help ( or things in general ) when right clicking on a villager. I have everything setup just need a plugin that does this :)
  3. S0 you need a plugin that executes a command when you right click on an NPC?

    Or you need a plugin that allows for customizable messages?

    For the NPC thing: CommandNPC
    For customizable messages, try "MCDocs."
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  4. Customizable messages :)
    Thank you so much, that's something what i'm looking for !

    Cheers mate