What plugins and mode do u guys prefer?

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  1. Hi there!
    i want to start a good MiniGame server with a popular minigame,
    and i have the idea that this is the best place to ask it!

    Every server has its own awsome popular MiniGame,
    but what do u guys recommend?

    Most of u dont play minegames, but maybe the players on ur servers do ;)
    What MiniGame do they play the most?
    And which (free) plugin do u guys recommend to start running this?

    A huge thank u!
    AnimalMace :D
  2. if you want a successful server, you want some sort of unique minigame which is custom. You also want to spend some $$ on advertising
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  3. GaIaxy


    Eh, good luck. Honestly, Minecraft is at the point now where you'll

    a. need a bunch of money for advertisement
    b. need a bunch of money for a custom gamemode
    c. need a really good setup

    It's hard to get your feet wet in this community anymore. The games becoming washed out.
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  4. I agree,

    a. i already got an idea to get enhough players to run it..
    b. i still dont know what custom gamemode, cause when i get Something new,
    that no other server has, there will exist a chance that it is to hard, laggy... So i am still looking for idea's... (or just an regular minigame,)
    c. the setup (normally) needs to be no problem, already got the best of the best cosmetics, best buildings, running bungee, vote system,
    i just need to know what minigame its going to be, what one is "trending" at the moment..
  5. Bedwars is really popular but you won't get any players from it since literally the biggest existing server already has it.
  6. GaIaxy


    Why would that matter though? If you are going to be creating something new and unique, then you don't need to know what game-mode is currently the most popular. If your idea truly is different, then people will come and stay.