What plugins do i need and what plugins should i delete?

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  1. i was making a survival server thats morphed into more of a factions server. im almost done with the server but before i say im done i want to make sure i have all the right plugins and get rid of the ones i dont need

    here is the list
    Plugins (37): PlayerHeads, WorldEdit, iChat, HealthBar, InstantHit, PlaceholderAPI, ClearLag, CrackShot, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, SimpleHolograms, ProtocolLib, SimpleSpawns, BlowableObsidians, CustomEnchants, ChatItem, PermissionsEx, DragonRename, CustomHelp, Vault, Coupons, MassiveCore, FishingRodPlus, StackMob, EpicPets, Essentials, Banknotes, HolographicDisplays, Factions, CrazyAuctions, Shop, PyroFishing, PlayerVaults, CratesPlus, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, CombatTagPlus, CSGO-CratesPlus

    thanks for your time... if you need to know anything else please ask and i will tell you
  2. honestly? stay away from being like other servers, you won't get very far go unique listen to the playerbase as it starts forming, add/remove/change things to fit what they and what you want
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  3. Mas


    If you're trying to start a proper server and get a community and active playerbase, don't get too optimistic if this is how you're doing it. By making a factions server (which are already oversaturated) with no real unique features, unless you have a big sponsor or people advertising for you, you probably won't attract many people, or many who will stay at least.

    Chucking a load of plugins on to your server won't make it magically better.

    Basically, if you want an actual server, delete all your plugins, think of a unique idea, get it made, only use the absolute essential things you need.
  4. thanks for you advise guys!
  5. Do NOT use PlayerVaults unless its the NEWEST unoffical patched versions from third-partys! It has many, MANY dupe bugs. MoreVaultPlus is good, also I don't see that you have a chat plugin? If you need one, ChatControl or plus (paid) is a good one!
  6. You should definitely keep your server a survival server, as those are more fun because then you don't have to worry about maintaining your base and keeping it safe from raiders. I don't see the point of ClearLagg as it doesn't really reduce too much lag. If you want to have a good idea of what's using up ram or CPU, use timings or React. I think adding new game mechanics like falling logs or "expert mode" would be quite attractive to many people.
  7. eh, it's your opinion really some people might like it, some people might not, why do you think there are alot of faction and minigame servers....
  8. or PlayerVaultsX which I believe patched most of the bugs.
  9. If you have essentials, why do you need playerheads?

    Yeah ditch playervaults. It's not needed.
  10. There are multiple plugins called PlayerHeads. The one I use allows players to get an opponent's head after they kill them. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in almost 3 years, although there's more recent source on GitHub. One of my players even came up with a patch to fix one of the bugs, so I'm running my own custom version.

    Regarding the other plugins, I would get rid of ClearLag.
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