What plugins do you use for this, and a question?

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  1. Hello,

    I was just wondering what plugin you use to get color codes to work on signs, if you don't use a plugin that works as well.

    Also, how do you make it so whenever you join the server you are always in creative?

  2. To get color signs you can use a plugin like essentials, but you have to enable color signs in the config.

    To make everyone in creative you have to edit your server.properties to

    Code (Text):
    0 is for survival
    1 stands for Creative mode
    2 is for Adventure.
  3. 1. Essentials config, find sign types remove the '#' in front of color.
    2. Change the gamemode in server properties I believe.
  4. Alright thanks for the sign help however I seem to have misworded my second question, How do I make it so ONLY I have creative when I join my faction server and it keeps everyone else as survival.
  5. type /gamemode 1?

    Edit: Ohh also, if you mean you want the default gamemode to be survival
    make sure its set to gamemode=0
  6. I know I can just type /gamemode 1 but that gets annoying every time I join the server, I think when I had the plugin multiverse it remembered my last gamemode.

    Also everyone is already in survival, I don't need to change the global gamemode. Just I want to change the default gamemode just for me... if that is possible :)
  7. I believe if you are in Creative and logout, then relog you will still be in Creative...

    There must be a plugin interfering with this, would you mind listing all your plugins?
  8. Dmck2b

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    Afaik, multiverse has a bypass node so that your stay in the same gamemode. Did you previously have '*' or op? That might be why.
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  10. Personally I wouldn't use that, Essentials has a lot more features including the color signs, and is constantly updated. Compared to the last update of March 26 ... 2012 for this plugin
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    And thats the exact reason most of us wouldn't randomly install Essentials, because it does so much stuff. OP asked for a coloured sign plugin. Not a full core server plugin.
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  12. Yes but most people have it, therefore why get another plugin which runs the same code?
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  13. Why is adding many useful features to a server bad?
    An alternative I would use would be CommandBook. Besides that, you cant run a successful public server without using one of those plugins.
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  14. I already had essentials, and I forgot that essentials had that option, so I didn't need anymore plugins. Thanks guys
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