What plugins do you wish?

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  1. Hey guys,

    we need your opinion for our next plugins. We considered what plugins everybody needs, so we decided to ask you, the server owners, what plugins do you need? So please help us and discuss with us which plugins we should program for you.

    The PluginDevs.net-Team
  2. A good Duel plugin. I understand there are plenty out there, but one that supports different types of duels; soup, potion, God apple, etc. A ranking, elo like system. Actually bug free, no duping bugs, nobody escaping into your test world, a truly planned out and tested plugin. Use of title messages; "Fnsd has challenged you to a duel!" Big and bold across your screen, below it "Type "/accept" or "/deny". The use of title bars for countdowns, and updates regarding your duelees decision. Dynamic arenas possibly? A true spectator mode, players could simply type "/spectate "fnsd" and checkout my duel, or /spectate "random" for shits and giggles. A wager system where tokens, items, currency, and more on matches. Spectators too?

    The possibilities are endless and a duel plugin is applicable to all server types, even Creative. I'd pay a whole lot of money for a GOOD duel plugin and I'm sure many other server owners would aswell. In terms of profitability and a good way to showcase your talent and get your name out there an essential plugin now-a-days such as duels that is applicable to every server type may be a good route for you.
  3. Thanks @sobrien1195 for your comment. We will keep it in mind, but at the beginning we would like to make more utility and tool plugins than games.
  4. Some nonPremium Plugins
  5. And which nonPremium Plugins, do you want ?
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  8. Look... PluginDevs.net says "WISH YOUR OWN PLUGIN BLABABLA"... But in the reality only Maintenance and mad speaking...
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  10. Look at their website.. and you will see...
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    I'm talking about you spamming the forums. So stop.
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  12. Sry but what is the problem ?
    We exist since a couple of days, would it be better when the site is a white page ?