What plugins should I make?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by KingPoutine, May 3, 2015.

  1. I'm trying to learn to make plugins, I've made a few basic ones before, nothing special and had more help than I'd like. Since I learn best by doing, I figured I'd ask you people here about what plugins I should try to make, this will help me learn and hopefully become good at making plugins :D
  2. You can do something that's not very hard, but easy. A simple anti cuss plugin, basically a chat filter plugin which prevents sentences with specific words being processed.
  3. thats a good idea make a little colorchat plugin would be good.
  4. both those are now done :)
  5. Maybe something like an effects plugin? When a player joins the server, play an effect at their feet, shoot off a firework, or send them a message. What I think is more key here is learning how to work with configuration files, and allow effects to be enabled/disabled, changed, delayed, etc.
  6. Try making something with runnables maybe? I know thats something I was always interested in when I started. Or stress testing... I did that a lot too :p Try making a simple world edit plugin. But try to use runnables if needed to ensure no lag :)