What programming language do you like best?

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What language do you like best?

  1. Perl

  2. python

  3. Java

  4. javascript/JSON

  5. SQL

  6. C/C++

  7. C#

  8. YAML


  10. VBScript

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  1. Hey guys, the poll and title explain it all. Answer the poll about which language you like best, and be sure to leave a comment!!

    I ran out of room on the poll, sorry
  2. Is YAML a programming language? The results will be very straight forward anyway
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  3. I don't think YAML counts as a programming language. :rolleyes:
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  4. Neither are SQL and JSON.
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  5. Sql is absolutely a programming language.
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  6. Can't tell if serious or not...
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  7. Structure query language. Structure query language. Structure query LANGUAGE.
    Hm, now I wonder...

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  8. Yeah, and french is also a programming language...
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  9. YAML is configuration/storage, so is JSON, SQL is querying/manipulating data and don't even get me started on HTML.
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  10. Tux


    People like Java?

    Also, the choice of language disappoints. Why not Go? Groovy? Scala?
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  11. you should really separate C and C++.. I would pick C but not C++. ya and what about Go and Dart they are pretty good too.
  12. Go isn't good >:[
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  13. go is pretty good, the language is well designed.
  14. It feels like a big mess. It honestly looks like they just took some good pieces from all other languages they could think of, and put it together in one giant mess.

    I made IntellectualPaste (probably down, wouldn't bother paying for that VPS anymore xD) in go... I'll never, ever, make anything in go again :D
  15. Tux


    Go is a well-designed language (though with a few quirks that might throw Java users off at first), but might not fit your preferred style of work.
  16. YAML

  17. Fair enough, I could see why someone would like it. It just doesn't fit me. The same probably goes for python, and other languages with weird rules :D (tabbing matter... I mean... wai).
  18. We're on a website which is based around java/spigot coding.

    My favourite is Java but I also know some good HTML, CSS and not so much JavaScript.
  19. Java and C#/C++. Keepin it simple.
  20. Still a language. These are all programming languages or some sort of computer science technique.

    First off yes, people like Java. It's a great language for game programming.

    Why isn't yaml a language? Yaml is a language used for configuration.

    Let me break the words down


    Yaml is used for configuration, so it's programming


    Yaml is definitely it's own language. It's not Java, JavaScript, not copying anything. Just like SQL.