What?? Random massive bandwith usage since snapshot mode??

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    As soon as i enabled snapshot mode, the bandwith on my server has suddenly jumped to about 1.5MB/sec (Which is too much for my provider), i belive i have done NO other changes, except enable snapshot mode. What is the problem, and how can i reduce it? Currently, i reduced it by putting connection-throttle to 400, but that causes a LOT of ingame lag (even when server TPS is 20)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. What version are you running? There are releases that no longer require Snapshot.

    And not to be offensive or anything, but if your provider can't handle 1.5MB/sec, that is your problem.
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    It is not that they cant handle it, but they only allow e 1.6TB limit (£37 extra to go to 2.6TB), And ok, i will update to the latest version and remove the snapshot-protocol.
    thanks for the info.
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    Also the snapshot protocol changes nothing.
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    Bummer. (Cant think of any worse words right now ;))

    Was there anything else in 1.5 that was changed that could have resulted in large bandwith?
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    Oh, another question, is there anything that could ever be added in spigot to reduce bandwith as well?
  7. Not in Spigot Snapshot. Even then, really no. Unless mojang rewrote the packets entirely, (Which I guarantee they didn't.), md_5 has changed absolutely nothing. md_5 just makes your client think that your server is 1.5. When in reality it is still 1.4.7. No internals have been changed.

    (Time for spelling check to learn md_5.)
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    **Realises everything he says in the post can be done with nolag**

    **Deletes the post, and gets annoyed with himself for being such an idiot**
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