What server hosting should I buy?

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  1. Hi, I'm from Chile
    I started a new server around a month ago, and i'm looking for a host, we're 25-30 user's online regular
    And I can pay around 25-40 USD
    sorry for my bad eng, btw.
  2. If you have the knowledge, maybe rent a dedicated server from Kimsufi or Soyoustart. What kind of server are you running?
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  3. Dedicated servers arent worth the extra cost if he only plans on hosting a single server
  4. Yeah i'm running a towny server
  5. I personally love FalloutServer host they charge 1$ per 1gb a month 24/7 online if your a towny i think you could get away with 3-4gbs no problem!
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  6. Are most of your players in South America? https://www.bisecthosting.com has servers in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You could get a 3 GB premium server for US$15 per month. Test your ping at brazil.bisecthosting.com
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  7. Yes, all of my players are from South America
  8. Honestly, I don't have some much knowledge, it's my first server
    But I learned quickly xd
  9. Bisecthosting would be a good choice. I've been using their service for 2 years. It's excellent.
  10. I'm actually hosting at sparkedhost (the hosting it's in miami)
    it's an i7 and 12gb of ram
    But when we are 30 or 40 online there's so much lag.
  11. 12 GB seems to be way too much. Why do you think you need so much RAM for your server?
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  12. i agree 12 gb is alot for only 30 people?
  13. I guess i'm going to bisecthosting, how much ram do you recommend me?
  14. Google Cloud. Sounds expensive but their prices are actually around the same pricing as OVH, and they have real mitigation to stop attacks. The mitigation on OVH, SoYouStart, etc are basically non-existent.
  15. I would suggest 4 GB for 1.13 or 1.14, and 3 GB if you're using older versions. You can always change it (upgrade / downgrade) if necessary.
  16. That lag stems from the fact that these online Minecraft server hosters (usually) host many, many servers on the same machine to cut down on costs. While I'm not saying to never use them, once your server gets to a certain size, the best course of action is usually to run your own off of a dedicated machine.

    If you can find someone who has Minecraft hosting experience, (i.e one of your players, maybe), get them to help you. If not, you can always add me on Discord and I can help you with some of the basic stuff ;)
  17. "around the same pricing as OVH"
  18. Yes, the slight extra cost is because you’re actually paying for something that will stop DDoS attacks without needing additional protection, and quality. Especially if you’re going to pay for something like ProxyPipe. OVH mitigation is dirt compared to theirs.
  19. Winternode is very good
  20. It's nowhere near the pricing of OVH though. Besides, you don't need to care about DDoS attacks unless you're hosting a toxic gamemode like factions, and check out https://tcpshield.com