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    Can anyone please suggest any Minigame / Type (factions, creative ... etc..)


    Xeon E3-1234x2 @3.4GHz
    SSD Storage
    DDR3 1600MHz Ram
    1Gbps Uplink

    4GB Ram Server
    Unlimited Players
    DDoS Protection
    Dedicated IP
    Custom IP (name.name.name)

    I could apply you as a helper on my server if you help and i choose you.
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  2. Factions with rpg taste
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  3. Custom.
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  4. But your signature says otherwise.
  5. I don't really think you should ask this. I mean it's good to get a feel of what people want but I personally think you should do something that you're accustomed to and know. Asking what to do is just going to give you a bunch of generic and repetitive answers. Like people screaming "Custom" or ranting about how factions are everywhere and telling you not to do that, and all that other nonesense that's going to be below this post. That's not really helpful, it's just redundant.

    I think you should do something you know. For instance, in my case, I've been playing factions since Minecraft 1.2.5. I know factions. I've never really played anything else other than skyblock. So I decided on a factions server that has the things I've always wanted but never seen in a server. Yes there are tons of factions servers out there, but if you do it right you'll gain a player base. This cosmicpvp server everyone seems to talk about had to have had some kind of competition when it started. Obviously they did something right to be as well know as they apparently are. (I'd never heard of it until like 2 weeks ago, nor have I played it so I can't go into much detail about it.)

    So I'd say take something you know and build on it. If you do it right people will come. Taking some big you've never played or barely played will kind of put you in a hole as you have to now learn hat game mode and what people want in it. :)

    Good luck nonetheless! Hope this gave you a little bit more perspective and overall helped a bit.
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  6. none, unless you got loads of money to spend on it. If you want a nice player base and quality server.
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  7. Something other than factions, factions are seen EVERYWHERE! Make a small server to gain rep and a community!
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  8. Looks like the guy right below you has a CosmicPvP avatar.
  9. Creative - who the hell does this? do people even play this?
    Factions - oh yeah.. make the server right, good cannoning psychics, you'll make bank(personal experience)
    Prison - kind of dead, but makes money
    Minigames - does $100 a month for profit sound good?
  10. o_o
    only partially dead :D but yeah, can make a lot of $$ if done right
  11. Mingames with Paintball ;)
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  12. Please tell me you're joking?
  13. Of course not. Is there some inside joke here, I don't get it.
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  14. Minigame servers don't make crap.
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  15. They KINDA do, if you add enough stuff.
  16. SMP
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  17. Relinquished


    Minigames are some of the most profitable servers...sure most of them fail do to lack of players. But if you can get a one to a decent sized, you make quiet a bit.
  18. Love watching people scream over what makes more money. Do owners ever actually give a shit about the community?
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  19. To be honest, as a Build Team owner I have seen a variety of different servers. I think the key really is proper advertising. If you can invest in a slot no matter how crappy your server is (or how good it is) you will be getting a lot of joins, and if your server is well built ( and has impressive builds *cough cough wink wink* ) then you can create a solid player base, and make bank :)
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  20. The OP never talked about making money. So I don't know why you keep talking about money? And they do make money as seen by posts above. Just stop talking about money, they are looking for sever types not money makers!!

    Yeah I agree with this one a lot! If I join a server with amazing builds I will stay. However. I really hate joining a server with immature owners and terrible staff only to find out their Map was downloaded. If they are able to actually pay for a real spawn then you know it is good other than those who dontpay for a real spawn. Even though you can't really know for sure :/. But yeah if you get nice builds make sure to add it in the server descriptions :cool:
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