What servers should I have?

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  1. Hello, I'm making a bungee cord server. I'm going to have Skyblock, Creative, Factions, Towny, Clans, Minigames and Parkour. What else should I get?
  2. Something original.
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  3. The problem is that most things falls under minigames.
  4. Custom/original minigames they get most players interested.
  5. In these days a faction server does not get you that far, consider something that had never been done, or my best idea FOCUS ON ONE SERVER. I have seen 1000's of these posts. Bet my money you go on like the hive or whatever and think it is just that easy. Since I care about the quality of my posts *sometimes I decided to go on your server, and in 3 words, I-hate-it. It has the most generic spawn ever :D even I know about the craftscript helix generator...
    Please take your time and money and focus on a decent or even high quality product *that is the secrete to gaining players.
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  6. Thanks for the insult compliment. It means a lot.

  7. It's called being honest.
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  8. Your welcome for the feedback and suggestion... GROW UP!
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  9. Last time I checked, I am grown up. We don't need to get into an argument about the quality of my server. My players love it.
  10. Wait, wait, wait.... This does need to happen, We do need to get into an argument about the quality of your server, it is very far from what it could be, adding more garbage onto the pile will not make it clean (Metaphor)
  11. Now you are just trying to insult the server. Constructive criticism is fine, but don't bash it.
  12. You just take anything as an insult, don't you...
  13. I thought everything said was quit helpful and nice. If you don't like it, don't ask.
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  14. He could have said, "You can improve this" not "I hate it."

  15. What are you 8?
  16. Come on children, share the Legos.
  17. No, but I worked hard on the server.

  18. You honestly make me lol.
    I won't share my Legos with you I'm afraid.
  19. You didn't say what the purpose of your server is, which makes it hard to give suggestions.