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  1. Ok, so I'm a little tired of linux right now and I just want to see a fancy gui. I just want to know what shared minecraft host I should get for my friends to hang out on that's pretty cheap and can handle like 10 - 15 players at most. I really don't feel like setting up a VPS and SSH and all that stuff.

    Thanks :)
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  2. Nitrous Networks are good, very friendly but slow support however since your likely fairly knowlegable about this wort of stuff I don't think that would really matter. They also offer free web hosting.

    BisectHosting are also good, fast ticket responses and have Budget servers which would likely be good for you and your friends.
  3. Ok, so I think I may go with Shockbyte because I've only heard good reviews and they're super cheap. I will keep Nitrous Networks in mind though.
  4. Well, I made a little excel thingy back when I was searching for a shared host, this should help you.

    I haven't updated the table for a while now, all the prices are the same and everything except BuddyBox is a verified host, also,
    Minespan is a US North host
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  5. I'll throw in another vouch for Nitrous Networks - high quality service at an appropriate price.
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  6. Shockbyte is terrible..
  7. Can vouch for them too.
  8. Thanks for all the responses guys :)
    Thanks for that chart. :)
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  9. Thank you :)
  10. Ok, so I want to get the most out of my money and I really don't need extreme performance. I went with shockbyte and I may get a webserver from BuddyBox or SnowStormHosting since I like their services. Thank you once again @Eviljohan and everyone that helped me.

    If you have any criticism on BuddyBox, Snowstorm or Shockbyte, please explain further :)


    EDIT: Sorry if I wasted anyone's time. I probably shouldn't have made this thread in the first place. Sorry folks :(
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  11. AngelRani


    Sorry for the late response, but I recommend CloudFrostHosting. I haven't had any problems with them.
  12. NodeCraft is awesome. All the staff are cool people. They are pretty much always there for you. I mean for a custom panel, a good quality server, easy configuration, and the support team, it's worth the cost.
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