What Should I Add To My Website?

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  1. So today I just finished my website and I am asking what else I should add to it.
    My server is still being worked on at this point so its not done yet (In Re-Code)
    Please leave feedback on the website and things I should add.
  2. Only bump a thread every 24 hours.
    Also, IMO, it looks nice.
  3. A news homepage/portal is a must. It's on so many servers it's almost essential to have a blog/news page as your front page. In your case, XenPorta might be a good option for XenForo.
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  4. You can add:

    - https:// = ssl (Let's Encrypt is free)
    - devblog (for your developers)
    - statistics
    - a new home page
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  5. https://bghdmc.com does work

    Working on Home Page
  6. Ok, so, force ssl redirect !
  7. Ok will work on that now
  8. Oh, I would also strongly suggest enable full-friendly urls at the bottom of "Basic Board Information" in your admin panel options.
    Just make sure you have mod_rewrite turned on or whatever equivalent you have for your web server software.
  9. GaIaxy


    Strange place for branding of XenPorta.

    Two homes

    Social Media buttons don't direct to social media.

    1. Force SSL
    2. Force www
    3. Enable Friendly URLs

    If that's your home page, make it. It doesn't redirect to that when you go to your website.

    Store logo is blurry

    No node organization?

    That doesn't make you cool. Remove it.
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  10. Thanks for the feedback

    1. fixed branding
    2. fixed 2 homes
    3. working on the SSL & friendly URL
    4.going to reupload store pic
    5. I will add organization
    6. removed
  11. Ok I added a portal page (FOR SURE NOT DONE BUT A START)
    Fixed the social media links
    My host is fixing the https and the friendly URLS right now
  12. More ideas would be amazing!
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  14. I would strongly suggest figuring out how to remap your homepage News and Announcements to the "home" button on the top. As you can see, the forums link is red when it should be home. Not particularly sure how to fix it in this specific case although it'd be worth investigating.

  15. I created the page normaly just with default xenforo thats why its like that. I can't figure out a way to fix that if you have any ideas on how please let me know!
  16. WAS


    I really like it. Though one thing that pops out at me every time is this. Can you remove that box by chance (if you wanted too)?

    I feel the button should match the width of the boxes, and have no boxed background, and less margin between child boxes.

  17. If I remove that it would not work due to
    that shows your profile pic and info when logged in
  18. looks nice but i suggest adding in some pictures of some of the servers you have to the site to spice in some color!