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  1. Hi all,

    I am pretty experienced with basic plugins and some more advanced ones, but now I want to take it to a higher level - I want do make a rpg server. Before you start, yes I know - it's a lot of work, especially for a 1 person 'team'. The problem is, while I don't have problem with things like doing bosses in MythicMobs and scripting in Denizen, I don't really know how to start on a more technical side, I know that I need to know things like basic Linux knowledge to run my server on a vps, familiarity with databases to connect my data between servers, insight in security to prevent data breaches/griefing etc., but I have no idea how I should learn these things.

    I would be thankful if you could write things that are necessary to learn if you want to run a server network, and how I can learn them.

    Forgive me for any mistakes in grammar or/and syntax, english isn't my first language.

  2. It's not really clear what you want to accomplish other than making a network. You can do this without owning a VPS, you just need to switch out the server jar with Bungeecord, Lillypad or Velocity, whatever suits you best. You can best learn how to use Linux on Youtube or read some starter guides on the interwebs which you can find via the search engine of your choice. Start by learning how to move copy and rename files, what cronjobs are, how to install software like Java and how to add a user to your system. You can then watch or read a guide (see Digitalocean) on how to install a Minecraft server on Ubuntu perhaps. If you want to do X thing just search how to do it. Most likely someone has already done it or has asked a question regarding doing it.
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  3. There are many ways to create a server, you can take a VPS with a linux distrib (I suggest ubuntu which is easier than debian to configure), if you create a server with a BungeeCord Proxy, you should use iptables (firewall) to restrict access to some port, if you have more specific things to ask just let us know.
  4. The main concern when running a network server is can you maintain it on your own.

    People who run networks may think that they can do it but the main downside is that if you don't have a lot of players that are following per server it'll cause the player count to be split meaning likely less players or less donations due to the inefficiently of having any competition.