What should i use?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm own a kind of small creative server, the only problem is I give my players so many rights on my server:
    - full redstone capabilities
    - world edit access
    - command block access

    My server plot world is around 8-9 GB.
    Im not really an expert at this stuff so I came here to ask, what server should I use?
    I'm looking for a cheap dedicated server that can hold at least 40 players and is capable of managing lots of redstone.
  2. I used MCProHosting for a few weeks and they seemed quite alright. They do have the hardware to handle a bit, they're a little pricey if you want service handling 40 players. This is my opinion and I'm 100% positive someone will reply with a better cheaper alternative.
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  3. I wish I could suggest MineRack.org

    But that would be advertising for a company I work for, though I buy servers too, as a client
  4. MCPH Oversells, so they'll be the last person you should be recommending for a server that could easily get its TPS drained.

    OP: You could always use a VPS so you know they ain't a cheap overselling minecraft host.
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  5. Thanks, I didn't use them for very long. So they're the only Hosting site that I have knowledge over. We used SpartanHost for a few days for a FTB Server. Purely because I didn't want to waste time if something broke I could have someone else fix it. :p
  6. I'm kinda thinking about kimsufi, ovh and bisecthosting.
  7. Only use OVH if you know what you are doing or have the money to hire someone to set it up for you. Their support is virtually non-existent for any software-related issues (Hardware support only).
  8. Their reasoning behind that is because they offer extremely cheap servers, they also offer assistant on SOME software issues. Mainly pertaining to their hardware networking. (Blocking IPs, Blocking Ports, etc.)
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  9. Quite frankly they never said they offer managed servers, so there really isn't any need to be dependent on the support team.
  10. I would recommend a vps or dedicated server. Since as you need more ram hosting it on a node becomes pricey af.
  11. That's standard in the hosting world. Managed servers are very expensive.
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  12. You should also take a look at EasyWare.ch. They provide nice servers and a great support!
    You can find their website here: https://www.easyware-hosting.ch/en/
  13. MPF