What should my server be?

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What type?


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  2. Customizable PvP

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  3. Warfare (Guns and what not)

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  4. Floors

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  5. Other

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  1. I want to start a server as a single developer, but I have too many ideas and I want to know what most people would prefer.

    Here are my ideas:

    MMORPG being kindof like Runescape, but a bit different with core mechanics. (Spooky, I got a runescape spam-mail as I posted the thread, they know and they want me to choose this option)

    Customizable PvP being kinda like Skyclash from Hypixel, but with abilities and other shit

    Warfare being like CS:GO but with classes that change themes, like a pirate having a blunderbust and a Water Warrior having a watergun, and then a Navy Seal for fun.

    Floors would be like you complete this floor you proceed. Mobs spawn you kill them for money, you need to kill x mobs to beat a floor.

    So, what would you choose? Also, im trying to keep this as original as possible.

    Also, if you want you can suggest a name.

    And I am also wandering what version I should use. 1.9 has more things to work with while 1.8 has much better PvP mechanics (Also 1.9 auto-block blocks your screen better than it blocks damage)

    ***Your vote should be what you are most likely to play, not what might sound more "cool" or "original"
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  2. Floors is a good idea, but with mobs it seems quite basic, maybe you could make puzzles players have to solve after they have killed the mob wave, in order to proceed to the next floor.
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  3. So kinda like a dungeon? I like the idea a bit.
  4. Sure!
  5. If you're going for the floors idea, set yourself a number of floors you want maximum, or you will continue to code them and make them until the server closes. You could make some sort of re-do idea after X floors, and only after they re-do them, then they can progress onto X more levels.

    Just a thought, and I do like the floors idea :)
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  6. I think it would be really cool if floor were made by themselves, like there are variables and they change each floor. The problem remains the puzzles, it's hard to have an infinite amount of puzzles
  7. what

    elaborate please
  8. What I mean is, instead of making each floor 1 by 1 manually, they would be made automatically from variables.

    So for example, in the config you specify the mobs that can be used: spider, zombie, skelleton (I'll just use those 3 just for demonstration purposes). When you start the game, the plugin would randomly choose which mob and how many will be spawned for you, and each level is a bit harder.

    So for one person the first floor might be 10 zombies and 1 creeper, but for someone else the first floor might be 14 spiders. It's randomly generated so each floor is always different.

    The problem here is puzzles, having only mob waves is way too generic, repetitive and boring, you need some kind of puzzle. I have some ideas about this but it would be better to talk about all this in PM.
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  9. I would say, make a faction server with guns plains etc thats so cool!!
  10. ew factions gtf out of here
  11. Go with what you enjoy the most.
  12. I tought you asked for our opinion :/ 凸
  13. Yeah but I want something original. Factions is so unoriginal I can find a factions server in 10 seconds.
  14. Faction or MiniGames :D
  15. MMORPG is not a very well known type of play but if it is coded nice, it should be cool to play on it ^^
  16. ew get outta here
  17. I've honestly been looking for a server like Wynncraft that's new.

    Massivecraft is too complex, Herocraft the same. Wynncraft was just right, but now it's dying and overdone.
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  18. Yeah I liked wynncraft pre-gavel...

    I might make it kinda like the old version, which wouldn't be hard with my battle/pve concepts, but it wont be open world, it'll be in floors and stuff
  19. Gaxan


    Most mmorpg servers I've tried. They lack guidance and purpose. You are thrown out in the middle of nowhere, basically you are playing survival with classes, magic and a few custom mobs.
    I'm currently working on an MMORPG style server, but it's at least 3 to 4 months from completion.
  20. Yeah I have a planned tutorial of where you are in a house, talk to people and they'll tell you how they found you and then you realize you got memory wiped and then you learn afew concepts such as interaction/pve as you progress