What skyblock plugin do you recommend?

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  1. SuperiorSkyblock2What skyblock plugin do you recommend for a 1.15.2 server?

    Features I’m looking for:
    • Support for multiple skyblock worlds (not multiple island within the same world), with the same economy
    • A Nether island
    • Schematic support so that I can create a custom default island using WorldEdit
    • The ability to fly on your own island if you have a specific permission
    • A command to request to visit someone’s island
    • A command to invite someone to your island
    • A command to teleport to anyone’s island, with a permission (would be used by staff members)
    • Economy support (it would not use its own, separate economy but would hook into the existing economy)
    • A command to reset your island for a cost
    • A GUI to modify one’s island (this is not too important)

    I do not care about island upgrades and custom mechanics such as getting ore from cobblestone generators. The plugin can have those features, but they should be able to be disabled.

    Do you know of any skyblock plugin that has all these features? I don’t mind if it’s a premium plugin.
    If there’s no skyblock plugin with all these features, I can pay a developer to create it for me, but these features aren’t out-there; they’re pretty basic features that you’d expect from a skyblock plugin, so hopefully, there is a skyblock plugin that fits my criteria out there.

    Skyblock plugins I’ve found: Iridium Skyblock, Simple Skyblock, BentoBox, SuperiorSkyblock2, and FabledSkyblock.

    The only ones of these that I’ve tried are Iridium Skyblock and Simple Skyblock. I tried Iridium Skyblock a while ago, so I don’t know if it has all these features. It had so many features and custom mechanics that I didn’t want, so I got turned off by it, but I didn’t check if they could be disabled.

    As for Simple Skyblock, it’s a good plugin but sadly lacks a lot of these features, but I suppose it makes sense considering it’s “simple.”
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  2. Definitely would go for SuperiorSkyblock2. It's one of the best skyblock plugins right now. Would even say it beats BentoBox and ASkyblock along with many others. Ome_R is a great developer. But, if you wanna go for something just as a good but not too complicated, since SuperiorSkyblock2 comes with a lot of features which might get a little crazy at first, then I recommend to go for FabledSkyblock.