What specs are best?

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  1. I want to start a server on a dedicated host, but I don't know whats good/whats bad or too expensive and not worth.

    Anyways I am aiming for around 200 players max with 5 Bungees (One for admins, one for mods, 2 specific for the highest rank and second highest, and an extra one for everyone else). Probably a bad idea, but in the bigger picture (If I get lets say 1k players) then it might give the ranked peeps/admins/mods smoother gameplay

    **The server is 100% Custom-made (Unless we include WE/VS) so I am sure it will get more people than a factions server that just released. And the idea is original for a minecraft server, meaning it might attract more players than a skywars server.

    So, while I have less than 200 Players:
    I am willing to get an i5 at most, and 4 gigs of ram (Custom plugins aren't very efficient as I am a bit sloppy, so 4 gigs might not be enough)

    I might also host our website on the machine so in that case I am willing to get up to 8 gigs MAX.

    I don't know how much memory is good, so you guys can tell me.
  2. For 200 players, 5 Bungee servers, a website and of course an OS you'll need at least 16gb RAM
    (assuming that every server has 2 gigs of RAM, 1gb is not enough)
    Next to that I don't think an i5 will keep up, but I'm not sure. Go for a Xeon or an i7
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