What specs are ideal for lots of TNT?

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  1. So I am making a server that will host a few maps running a custom minigame I made. One of the mainfactors in the minigame is using TNT. There is going to be a lot of TNT going off at any given time. I will have 5 maps of this running, meaning that there could be 5 maps with lots of TNT exploding at the same time.

    So I am here asking what specs are ideal for something like this? How much RAM should I get and what kind of CPU?

    I am guessing that I would need at least 8gb of ram, probably more. I am not too sure about CPUs though.
  2. Xeon E5, E3, i7 are amazing for TNT.
  3. A decent i7 6700 or 7700 would do the trick.
  4. I’ll keep this in mind when picking a host, thank you!
  5. Lots of RAM and a powerful CPU.
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