What the F is wrong my server...

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by DifferentCraft, May 25, 2015.

  1. Elgorond


    Seems to me like your hosting is the issue.
  2. Maybe hardware failure or outdated plugins the logs might show some more information.
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  3. Nothing is wrong with the hardware, Its a dedicated server and other servers are online with 0 lag
  4. Its my server that i got the data center to build. Other servers are running fine at 20tps
  5. Then something shit itself.
    If you want help you're going to need to provide logs with this typa thing
  6. Nothing was in the logs... Just normal chat :/ no errors no nothing
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  7. Provide some logs.

    I see you use all the memory intensive plugins.

    Also, you have too many plugins. Trust me, you need to add more RAM. Bye!
  8. Put it in Pastebin or something
  9. Here are the logs for when the server was lagging, I Had to stop the server due to the lag...

    Also the server has 15GB of ram... We can go up to 21GB of ram but have been told that 15GB of ram is alot of ram for a server, We used to have towny at 44GB of ram but we moved hosts so we put down the ram and we didn't notice a difference but the past few weeks the lag has just got worse :/ (We still had lag at our old host when the server had 44gb of ram)
  10. mcMMO causes a lot of lag... that's the problem. Perhaps disable certain redundant nodes?
  11. What do you mean?
  12. In the mcMMO config, disable certain nodes
  13. I agree, McMMO creates tons.
  14. mcMMO causes like no lag, it's not that heavyweight.
    omf, RAM isn't everything, he already has more than enough at 15gb.

    @OP, worldedit seems to be causing lag in that first timing, could you post another one?
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  15. http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11422030
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