Spigot What Time Is It? 2.1

A basic time and date tool.

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    What Time Is It? - A basic time and date tool.

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  2. Isn't this in the wrong section. It is under "Bungee - Spigot > Tools..." It should be in "Spigot > Tools..."
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  3. Yeah I guess so. I will fix that right now. Thanks for letting me know. This is my first plugin and I really just switched over to using Spigot instead of regular Craftbukkit, so I'm still getting used to it. Thanks though! :)
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  4. Np, good first plugin btw.
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  5. Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback! I have a couple ideas for much larger plugins that I am working on/will be working on, and getting feedback on my plugins really inspires me to keep working to create those newer, larger, more difficult to create plugins. Thanks!
    - EekRats