Question What to do when a developer doesn't reply

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  1. So...I recently bought the supplycrates CSGO plugin, and it had bugs. So I sent a message to the plugin developer of SupplyCrates, 6-7 days agp (it's June 25th), and he hasn't replied once...what do I do... just waste the $10 for nothing? ;-; XD
  2. MiniDigger


    you have no right to charge back
    you have no right for support
    you have no right for updates

    you just brought that one version, in its current state. if its broken, bad for you, maybe leave a review so that others see that it doesn't work.
    but normally developers will care about their produces, just note it is holiday season, and that the developer might be on vecation
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  3. It looks like the author isn't dead (last resource update in may), so try waiting a bit longer. I agree it can be frustrating waiting, but chargebacks are against the rules.