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  1. I'm starting to develop plugins myself because I am extremely interested in it but I'm not sure how to begin. I would love to know what I can use to actually create plugins (Something Like Eclipse) If Eclipse is the only thing out there please give me the download link for mac.

    Or any other programs you advise me to use please send me the link. Thank you.
  2. Yeah, eclipse would be the best development tool just look up online for eclipse and click the mac link. If you dont know java yet learn that before you make bigger plugins as it will help alot!
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  3. IntelliJ would be better to use IMO
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  4. IintelliJ all the way
    Eclipse, well let's just say it's ****
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  5. Eclipse is just an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), you can develop java programs (plugins included) in any IDE program, heck you could use text files and compile from console if you really wish. You could also use programs such as Visual Studios and Atom. Though a benefit of Eclipse is that it's free so are some other IDE environments. Eclipse is generally what most new programmers use as their first IDE is seems nowadays. If you like how it works then you can surely use it for this just giving some other information on it. Perhaps just take a look at some Other IDEs online for mac if you want to get a list of options.
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  6. Do you have the link?
  7. Might be some redirect, personally, I trust that my connection to the site is uninterrupted so I, personally, would just ignore it. And clicking proceed to site. Also, you're downloading files instead of sending passwords. You can always checkup the file checksum if you are worried
  8. Eclipse is the most popular for beginners, try it if you are just starting

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  9. It just ends up taking forever to load. It still hasn't loaded. Is there a way you can put the download in a media file for me?
  10. Yes I know. Are you able to put it in a mediafile so I can download it from there since it won't allow me to download it from the site. Considering it won't work.
  11. Eclipse is far better for a beginner and imo better in general, IntelliJ is glitchy, very overcomplicated and not designed around the sort of workspace and workflow you would want for making plugins.
  12. latiku


    I personally use IntelliJ, but would recommend eclipse starting out considering it's more beginner friendly. IDEA is more robust with a plethora of additional tools to work with, but it isn't your time for all that yet.
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  13. I need help with everything. Downloading it wise. I have a Mac and nothing will work.
  14. Dualboot linux on it (meaning you have both OSX and Linux and can choose which to use when you start up). This solves the issue of it being a mac, but it will still have shitty hardware.

    alternatively turn off all the silly restrictions that prevent you doing whatever you want.

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  15. It won't work. Could it be because my mac is at least two years old and completely unupdated?
  16. When the going gets tough, try skript
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  17. A 2 year old mac might being updatable. Try to confirm it with the apple software updater..?

    Note: I don't use and own a mac since I don't like it