What tricks do you use to make people vote?

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What rewards do you give for voting?

  1. Fixed amount of temporary rewards each vote (Money, items, temporary WorldEdit, etc.)

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  2. Increasing voting rewards for each site one votes on/additional bonus for voting on all sites

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  3. Randomized rewards (Crates, lucky vote, etc)

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  4. Permanent, accumulating vote rewards/milestones (+0.1% EXP forever for each vote, etc.)

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  5. Non-cosmetic perks normally only available to donators (can be a random reward/milestone, etc.)

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  6. Cosmetic perks normally only available to donators

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  7. Server-wide bonuses triggered by one person or a certain amount of people voting

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Currently my server is getting about 3k votes on voting sites with peak players sitting at about 55 during weekdays and 80 during weekends, and I expect more players during the summer.

    I use a regular, boring voting system where players receives 1 Diamond Crate and 4 Gold Crates each day for voting which they can unlock random items from, and 4000 EXP which will help them rank up. I went on a lookout for high vote-player ratio servers to see how their vote systems are made. The results were pretty disappointing: I found a few pretty good ideas, but none of them fits my server type as a mini-game server. Thus I am still looking for ideas that will encourage my players to vote.

    What are your thoughts on voting and what tricks are you using to make people vote?
  2. Give them op stuff = more people vote. Also i do like the top vote each month gets vip 1month. Thqt brings some people to vote daily.
  3. On creative servers, voting commonly gets you worldedit for 24 hours. Give your players stuff they really want
  4. Work with galistener ~ and like factino server, give them some kit , diamond and flying permission for 1 hour ~