What turns you on / off about a server host?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I would like to ask: what do you look for in a server host, and what makes you not want to use them?
    If you want to go the extra mile, could you give me some info about mine? ;) (link is in my sig)

    I'd like to take some criticism about my host, as it always seems to be beat out by others. Thanks! :)
  2. If you cant get a default port (25565) I don't choose the host unless I'm running a Bungeecord setup
  3. From my experience before i used to host. Customer support. Ofc the quality of servers has to be good. But i always used to have the longest chats asking every question trying to annoy the hell out of support reps to see if they could handle it. The ones that could i would normally use, as if you have a problem you're normally pretty annoyed and unhappy. If you have a nice support team that know exactly what they're doing, and can handle the stress while keeping cool. Gives me the idea of what company wants to keep their customers happy and the ones that just want the business.
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  4. Using a template is a "Turn off" for me. Just because generally those hosts are the ones
    ran by kids and are "fly by night" sort of ones. Who won't be around for very long.

    I have been using nfoservers for two years now though. So i haven't actively looked
    at hosts for a long time, nor will i hopefully for an even longer time to come.
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  5. jtaylor69

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    A host that provides company information, an about us page and their registered credentials.
    Something I think you may have missed...

    You should complete your website and company registration & information before going into business!!
  6. I like:
    Powerful server options. I currently have 1280v2's and 1280v3's
    Stable DDoS mitigation.
    Flexible Sales force that is willing to negotiate
    Stable Network
    Affordable Dedicated Hardware. I do not like it when companies overcharge for renting sticks of RAM...
    100% control over the hardware I pay for


    I view your host as a "just starting out" host. Or I have no idea what I am doing and I want an easy way to start a server.
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  7. You should add an image to your websites tab bar too

  8. Biggest turn off:

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  9. So much information. Glad I asked :) I'm completely redoing our website soon (WIP) so I'm really glad about all the feedback.
  10. I avoid companies that "dumb things down", make obviously false advertisements, Multicraft is usually something I try to avoid, however sometimes if I were to be on a budget I am forced to go with it.
  11. Outlaw11A


    Most of the below apply to a Shared Hosting service, as I assume the whole thread is about.

    • Everything is crystal clear
    • Fast customer support
    • 25565 Port
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • DDOS Protection
    • At least 100mbps up/down connection
    • Providing a range of locations to choose for hosting. Even if you do not provide a choice of locations, at least tell us where it is being hosted.
    • Provide exact specs of the server. E.g: Xeon bla bla processor, SSD etc.
    • Test Servers
    • Providing PayPal
    • Facebook/Twitter pages
    • Phone number that you can call (within certain hours)
    • Ability to pay Monthly/Quarterly/Semi Annually/Anually
    • Free web hosting + SQL db + voice servers
    • FAQ + About Us + Legal info pages
    • Live chat
    • Being a registered company
    • Regular giveaways on Facebook/Twitter
    • Hosting a forums that allows you to talk to other players
    • Free subdomain
    • NO CUSTOM JARS. I don't want to wait for you to get your lazy ass off of the couch and upload the latest bloatware from CraftBukkit.
    • Super expensive without providing a genuine reason why.
    • Vague server specs and server details
    • Paying extra for a 25565 port
    • TCAdmin panel
    • No FTP
    • No knowledge base
    • Hosts that are in the business just to make a quick buck
    • Using a username for login instead of our email
    • Only providing subscription payments. This shit pisses me off.
    • Providing a web panel that only works in a legacy browser. Yes, I have seen this done before.
    • Cookies that expire every 5 fucken seconds.
    • Overselling nodes
    • Not providing a port range (e.g. ports 8000-9000) for plugins like votifier or dynmap etc.
    If I think of anything else, I shall add it.

    boboman13 - Fix this up. Move the "About" and "Login" to the left.
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  12. md_5

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    Outlaw11A couldn't agree more with everything you've said.
    I'd advice adding "Registered Company" to your list.
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  13. Outlaw11A


  14. As s4ndal said, adding a favicon would be great, it makes it seem more professional.

    Things that turn me off:
    - Hosts who don't show their node specifications on the homepage.
    - Hosts that don't have a multitude of staff who can solve various different problems. (FpsBox didn't have this, they only had 2 staff reps, as shown in the McForums post on FpsBox).
    - HDDS.
    - Node failures.
    - Overselling (can be quite obvious, I saw a host selling servers at 3 dollars per gigabyte of ram).
    - No FTP, only web panel file transfer.
    - No custom jar. *Cough* minecrafted.net.
    - Too expensive.
    - Ugly websites.
    - Bad McForums post.

    EDIT: Ramdisk is a gimmick to oversell their servers!
    - No knowledge base.
    - Slow network speeds. (I would like a small photo showing the network speeds, or something like that in a McForums post if I go hunting for a server host reseller).
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  15. joehot200


    Things i like:
    Affordable prices - Some hosts charge an arm and a leg for RAM.

    A host that cares about you - Some hosts are just in it for the money, others are actually helpful/caring.

    Good support - Fast isnt on my list, but i always like a good and constructive awnser.

    Good software - Yes my old host has a limited bandwith, but its rare that people can get 70 players with 45 plugins on 1.5GB RAM - Also includes no OverSelling of their nodes if its not dedicated.

    DDoS protection - I like to know i'm protected from dumb skiddies.

    Being a VPS/Dedi. None of these crappy MC hosts like McProHosting. You dont even get SSH with them.

    Stability - Some hosts i see their VPS's just randomly keel over and stop working, with no support to fix it.

    Things i dont like:

    MultiCrap. Hosts that offer MultiCrap 98.5% of the time wont offer SSH.

    Not having full access to SSH/FTP.

    Limited bandwith -- And having it costing an arm and a leg for more.

    Burst RAM -- jeff142 had a very good point when he pointed out that "burst" RAM is just another selling gimmick to OverSell their nodes.

    Unhelpful - I once tried a host that responded to tickets in <5 minutes, but even after over 20 tickets were exchanged the problem wasn't solved. It never got solved. I left that host.

    Not having access to port 25565 - having to pay for port 25565.
  16. Outlaw11A


    Most of the things here that you have mentioned do not relate to Shared Hosting. I'm pretty sure OP is asking about Shared Hosting because that is what he is doing.
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  17. joehot200


    I only have experience with VPS's and dedis. Judging from the terrible hosts friends like @Nvm, no need for names people chose for their server.
    They had no SSH, FTP was a crap browser thing, console was terrible (updating every 2 seconds -- 20 seconds for console command to come through -- his server got griefed a few times because he couldent demote "hackers" quick enough), server was slow, and keeled over with a WorldEdit of 118 blocks, His console was hacked because they limited the password to 8 chars, CoreProtect would barely even work, or took 20 minutes to roll back a radius of 50.....
    List goes on, not bothered to think of more.

    And i am mainly thinking about VPS's here - I believe thats shared hosting :p
    I only see about 2 comments that are not relevant for a VPS.
  18. Outlaw11A


    VPS's are completely different from Shared Hosting. You will never get SSH with a Shared host, you only get access to the server through a control panel, like Multicraft etc.
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  19. joehot200


    Ouch. Didn't know 'dat.
  20. Some may or may not disagree with me but with CreeperHost you get the most bang for the buck.

    - DDoS protection

    - Free 25565

    - FTP and SSH access

    - Custom panel

    - knowledge base

    - shows server specs