What type of indents in java do you prefer, tabs or spaces?

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What type of indents in java do you prefer, tabs or spaces?

  1. I use tabs

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  2. I use spaces

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  3. I am in a fog

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  1. Hello
    I am interesting what type of indents in java do you prefer, tabs or spaces?
    And what tab length do you use, 4 or 8 spaces?
  2. Tab and 4, who the heck uses 8?
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  3. Google Code Style and an IDE that converts tabs to spaces.
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  4. Strahan


    Spaces, and I like a tab length of 2. I hate excessive indentation.
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  5. I prefer 2 spaces, given how indented Java code tends to become (in comparison to e.g. Rust which usually is at 4 spaces/a single indent most of the time).
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  6. I use 4 for java, and 2 for web dev. Spaces are a necessity, so indentation renders properly on github.
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  7. Alright, people are gonna hate me for this. Mixed. Yes, I said it, I use both spaces and tabs and it honestly doesn't bother me.

    A .editorconfig file ensures that GitHub, as well as my IDE, renders tabs as four spaces and when I use spaces, I use four. Code is still indented properly everywhere and I don't have to force myself to use either one or the other. I think my IDE is set at using spaces for indentation though, so that's probably what most of my project uses, but there may be tabs in there as well.

    I usually follow the if-not-return principle to keep indents minimal whenever possible, so four spaces for tabs doesn't really bother me either.
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  8. 2 everywhere and always spaces. Tabs are evil
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  9. 4 spaces. No tabs.
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  10. clip


    Google code style here
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  11. Single line code for the win!
    Just kidding... Tabs please
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  12. MiniDigger


    4 spaces + a proper ide that handles indentation properly.
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  13. At work we use 4 but for personal I try to use 2 spaces. It’s always trippy going back and forth but I prefer 2 personally
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  14. 4 spaces per indentation, and always tab's.

    The reason why i prefer to use 4 instead of 2 is because it's easily visible, and if there are too much tabs to keep a good overview there's most likely something too complicated or non-optimized in your code anyway ;)
  15. how can you use spaces and tabs at the same time...?
  16. 2 spaces.

    4 spaces be like:
    Code (Text):
                                                       suck: "!"
  17. What i meant was that when i tab, the size of the indentation is equal to 4 spaces ;)
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  18. Actually, now that I look into my IntelliJ IDEA editor i actually use 2 space indentations, and once again use the tab key to indent code.
  19. Just because you use the tab key doesn’t mean you’re using tabs. Often text editors/ides automatically convert your tabs to spaces, unless specifically configured not to.
  20. Oh yeah okay. You can configure that in pretty much every IDE, but I indeed have the same where it's configured to 4 spaces.