What type of server(s) are your favourite?

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What's your favourite game mode(s)?

  1. OP-Prison

  2. Classic Prison

  3. Skyblock

  4. Factions

  5. HCF

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  6. SMP

  7. Creative

  8. GTA

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  9. Minigames

  10. Other (Comment?)

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  1. Please vote on the poll above, so I know what type(s) of server(s) I should make in the future.
  2. Honestly, I would play mostly any type of the listed servers.

    Problem is, most them are over populated, or poorly maintained, or dead with no players...
  3. In your opinion, what's a playerbase which you would like to see on a server?
    What do you consider 'over populated'?
  4. This is purely personal, but my 'sweet spot' is around 20-40 players. So 20 being the lowest that could be online, and 40-50 being the most.

    I like a community I can be part of an somewhat noticed or able to influence.

    But a community with 150+ people at a min is likely to just end up with you becoming more lost in it. (Unless your famous, a well know player there, or other)
  5. I completely agree with what you said, although not quite all of the figures. I don't really play MC anymore - Just code for it / Own servers - but when I did play, I would always look for smaller servers, that weren't dead, but didn't have loads of players. One of the things that keeps be going on MC is the interaction with other people. So finding me playing on a server with no one online is/was a very rare occurrence, as it just gets boring really quickly.
  6. My favourite type of servers clearly are survival but modded ones!
  7. I really enjoy Skyblock, espically those plugins have unique features