What type of server sounds better to you??

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  1. I'm thinking of maybe re-vamping my server, depending on how the people think about it. I've asked my own server community as well and will obviously consider their opinions and inputs too but I wanted to see what the people of Spigot think would be a better server. Basically, out of these two servers, which would you be more inclined to join and play on:

    1. Semi-Survival server thats just a normal Minecraft vanilla map and players can break and build whatever they want like usual, just with additional plugins like player shops, mcMMO and jobs and such to give them something extra to do.omegle xender


    2. A roleplay RPG type server where you can't break any blocks except ores, crops, etc. (to gather resources and level their skills) and it's a lot less of a vanilla experience, with quests and such. Maybe even a custom coded skills and levelling plugin instead of using mcMMO?

    Just leave your opinions in the comments below, and thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully reply!
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  2. personally i like the first option a lot more, but that’s my opinion, and i choose the first option because i mainly play normal survival with little to no plugins.
  3. Stagnation is inevitable. It can be interesting in details, but ehh, the concept is too common and quite boring nowadays.
    This type of server is very hard to implement, but eventually it can become a great experience... but it still kinda common.

    Personally... I like second idea more than the first one, but, maybe something in between? I would love to see some server with quests and old adventure mechanics - so to breaking certain block you should make cetrain item, like pickaxe for rocks, shovel for dirt etc. But for this concept you'll need to think more about various stuff, like where player will get those items, what area should be mineable...
  4. I'd love to see option 2 (as an MMORPG server owner / developer myself), but as @imDaniX also said, I must warn you about the complexities. RPG servers are a lot more difficult, time consuming and expensive to build because you have to replace the vanilla provided features with custom developed features (because public plugins often don't work in this context) with matching pre-made content. They're two very difficult servers with very different development strategies and timelines. I've been working on my MMORPG for a whopping 4 years now; not even a live alpha version yet. Please consider the complexities before starting on such project. This may be a helpful read.
  5. Option 2 sounds much more interesting, unique, and more fun if done right. The Semi-survival thing is done too much.
  6. Option 2 sounds more unique. There are a lot of survival servers.