What version of linux is better for minecraft server?

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What is better?

  1. Linux Centos

  2. Linux Devian

  3. Linux Ubuntu

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  1. Linux devian?
    Linux Centos?
    Linux ubuntu?
  2. Ubuntu is based on Debian, but Debian's security is better than Ubuntu
  3. All linux distros will yield the same performance. The choice comes down to aesthetics and preferences.
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  4. Debian or Ubuntu. Debian's security and performance is a little better.
    CentOS is good for Apache, other webservers, but not for Java/Minecraft.

    I prefer Debian. ;)
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  5. All the systems you mentioned have equally good security and both support java, apache, webservers and minecraft equally well.
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  6. GeorgeHousley123


    Pick the one you like the best.
  7. I use CentOS because Java is easier to install on it and because I am familiar with Yum package manager.. :)
  8. Not sure about you, but installing Java 8 on Centos 6.x is a pain compared to just `pacman -S jre8-openjdk`.
  9. That is true? Centos is no good for Java/Minecraft?
  10. I still use Java 7 so that might be it...
  11. =>

    In the end, the choice which linux derivative you use is just your personal preference, what you already know and are familiar with.
  12. CentOS runs fine with minecraft. If you need proof MCPROHOSTING.com is the largest minecraft server host and they run CentOS. Just FYI.
  13. Thanks bro ;D
  14. And shiittyiestly overpriced.

    P.S I meant to spell it like dat.
    Oh and that.