What VPS should I choose?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by LeBrutalz, Jul 19, 2018.

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  2. Hello, I see that your server will only be used to host a website.
    Then I would recommend you for sure https://fastvm.io/virtual-servers1.php
    Why not OVH? Because FastVM delivers a good quality high-end NVME SSD, and 5TB bandwidth. Further an outstanding DDoS protection.
  3. The OVH's VPSses are overall pretty good to host a website with. I have the VPS SSD 3 for my website but seems that's already way too overkill. You could try using the VPS SSD 2. It's quite cheap and gets the job done.
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    Tbh any VPS will do fine for a website with over 512MB RAM. Best to just use Nginx instead of the other easy to install web servers since it consumes much less resources and handles spikes of traffic better. If you want an easy installer, CentminMod is an Nginx stack installer (PHP 7, MariaDB, etc), or CyberPanel is an OpenLiteSpeed installer and panel.
  5. I'd suggest using TitanNodes for when it comes to VPS hosting! CEO of it is very friendly and they have an awesome and friendly community as well.
  6. For my experiences, https://pulseheberg.com/cloud/vps-linux is a great VPS hosting. The page I'm refering you is the lowest models available on this website. Servers are hosted in Europe. Also, for only 3 euros per month, you have 2Gb ram and 30GB storage (if this is enough for you). If this is too less, they have another offer "storage" one that offers for 5 euros, 250GB on HDD.

    Hope this could help ;)
  7. Any of OVH's vps's would be good although only 1 vcore is given to you unless you go for vps 3 which gives you 2 vcores. pretty sure kimsurfi or what ever has cheap servers you could buy with a lot of storage and a bit more cpu power for a similar price. p.s that is also an ovh sister company. just like soyoustart.
  8. Limited bandwidth = NO NO NO!
  9. DigitalOcean has my vote.
  10. You can buy a 1€/month vps on arubacloud, it is not a powerful vps but it does the trick for a website.
  11. Go for the one that has better latency and specs, anti ddos wont matter if you're just hosting a website
  12. I'm using PulseHeberg for one of my clients websites and it runs fine. I'm using one of their shared hosting plans though. They have a nice custom panel, but only with the required minimum features.

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