What webapp would you want?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by z1haze, May 3, 2015.

  1. What would be a neat web application that isnt already available, or there isnt a very good version of? For example an interface for bans like banmanagement, or an interface for PEX via the web, etc.
    I'm looking for a fun project to take on for my final, but am having trouble coming up with ideas.
  2. what would be awesome is a programm where we could instert a PEX file and we would get a nice editor witout having to use notepad or notepad++ i personally know how pex works but if ur new to the plugin you dont know anything :J
  3. Yaml is pretty simple. That's not a bad idea though. I was thinking about maybe something with pex but he's stopped development of the plugin as it is now, so I feel id be wasting my time.
  4. interface for PEX via the web not bad, with MySQL support :p
  5. MCServer (now cuberite) has a really cool built-in web interface that allows its Lua plugins to interface with the interface/panel. It's pretty cool, being able to configure plugins through a panel is better for server owners who don't want to dig through configuration files on a remote server.

    You could make something similar for CB servers as an API (in the form of a plugin) for other plugins to have their own panels on a webserver. You would be spending a decent amount of time with both Java and some sort of language for your web backend (and whatever frontend you want involved).